NO B.S. is great 
I am so thankful that I found No B.S. Cold Sore formula. It has helped me and saved me from a ton of embarrassment of cold sores. It worked super quick and I highly recommend trying it.
-By Jim K. from San Antonio, TX.
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  Works Fast 
I took it as soon as I felt the tingle sensation and with in a few minutes the tingle went away and No Cold Sore.....Amazing! I would recommend this product to family & friends.
-By Tony K. from Raleigh-NC
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 Great Product 
I was desperate and fed up with these freaking cold sores. I have tried everything from home remedies to Abreva and nothing even comes close to working. When a friend told me about NO B.S. I was very skeptical but desperate so I ordered the product. I really like the free shipping and it only cost under $20 so it was worth a shot. 3 months later I have yet to breakout which is a blessing. I take 5 pills as soon as I think one is coming and it never forms. This product is incredible and I can't thank you enough.I tell everyone about NO B.S. as it's nice to bump into people later only to hear how much they love the product as well.
-By Samual D from Fort Laurderdale, FL
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Buy with Confidence

The Best Treatment For Cold Sores

NO B.S. Emergency Cold Sore Remedy is finally here. We heard your cries and have developed a remedy that will save you from the embarrassment and pain of those nasty sores. With all the stresses surrounding everyday life it’s hard to keep your immune system in balance. Defending your immune system from the Cold Sore virus is a full time job.

A True Breakthrough in the Fight against Cold Sores!

All ingredients in NO B.S. are proven to be antiviral and with our Patent Pending combination of herbs & vitamins we stopped the annoying virus in its tracks. 


Healthy nutrition, exercise and proper hygiene will help keep your immune system in balance. These are natural cold sore cures. Stress seems to be a popular trigger for Cold Sores, so keeping yourself as stress free as possible will only help.


Everyone’s immune system has different triggers which can lower your ability to fend off Cold Sores. These can range from over exposure to the sun, lack of sleep to even over exercising, so learning your own triggers is very important.

With NO B.S. we have you covered on the times your immune system has been compromised and a cold sore is imminent. With our proprietary formula the ingredients will support your own immune response to the virus with an army of soldiers to win the battle and stop the virus in its tracks. The best treatment for cold sores is supporting the immune system.

We are so sure you will be amazed with NO B.S. we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

All ingredients in NO B.S. have been proven through extensive research and testing to be very effective at supporting your immune system, fighting viral infections and to have strong antiviral properties.

It’s very important you follow our instructions closely when you think a cold sore is forming. You won’t believe the results achieved when the NO B.S. remedy is followed properly. 


Win the battle against Cold Sores!